Reasons you should always read Tomorrow Magazine in Lagos

Had a quick read of Tomorrow Magazines April edition as always some great articles.

One, in particular, caught my eye written by Stephanie Ginger  was titled “Filming by the seat of your pants” Basically it about a film been shot in the Algarve in 6 days on a low budget.   You losing interest already don’t blame you but the article is worth a read.

The film is been made by an international crew that in the past have received awards for their efforts.  Their first film “Second Honeymoon” was also shot in Portugal and got a special “Maverick award at the Flyway Film Festival in the US last year.

Stephine call on the set at Ponta Ruvia which is a remote beach in the extreme west of the Algarve.   Interesting enough I know of some wonderful Algarve Villas in the area. She saw exactly what filming in a location like this in entails.  Keep up a copy of Tomorrow today.

Another interesting article is by Pat Allen .   It outlines how Tomorrow has succeeded in collecting €33,000 to replace the old ambulance at Lagos Bombeiros.  The old ambulance was 19 years old and had 600,000 km on its clock.  In the past 7 years, the article states it averaged 3000 health and emergency calls last year.

The new Ambulance is going to be a top of the range Mercedes.   Fully equipped with life-saving modern technology.   Lagos Camara has also stepped up to the mark and supplied a much needed A1 Emergency also fully equipped to deal with any emergency.  The cost of this ambulance is €60,000 and it brings the total fleet to 20 vehicles which are great for Lagos and the surrounding areas.

Many apartments to rent in Lagos that are 3rd, 4th and 5th floors so Bombeiros need modern equipment.   Also, many fires occur in surrounding areas where some luxury Lagos villas  are located

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Marina Lagos

Patio do Convento in Lagos Portugal

Patio do Convento is a exquisite develop Lagos apartments located  in the ancient city of Lagos.   Its yellow painted outer walls can be viewed from most locations in Lagos.   A number of nationalities have purchased holiday homes there.  Others just visit year after year.  The accommodation consists of one, two and three bed-roomed apartments.  There are also penthouses on the top floor.  All blocks are serviced by 2 lifts.  This means you never waiting any length of time to get to apartment.  But it does create an extra financial burden on the owners.  The lifts and other areas of the condominium are managed by Loja do Condomino. Gas is supplied to each apartment by Gasverde. There central gas reservoir is location in front of No 2 across the road from Fresco restaurant.

If your staying in an apartment to rent in Lagos there a number of locations you must visit.  Lagos Marina is located on the Bay of Lagos amidst the best beaches in the Algarve. The entrance to the Marina de Lagos is via a constructed channel that leads to the pontoons. A pedestrian draw bridge protect s the entrance and exit from the Marina. Lagos has the privilege of being in the heart of the ever welcoming Portugal.

Why should you visit the Lagos Marina?

There are many to reasons to bring you to Lagos Marina.  It has some of the best Marina facilities in Europe.  You will find the staff here helpful and friendly which help to make your time here stress free.

The offshore accommodation  is plentiful with luxurious Lagos  Marina apartments two minutes from the quay side. The Lagos holiday rental Apartments or Lagos Marina Villas are always sought after.   Better to  book prior to your trip or with the help of

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